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肿瘤三科 Tumor Ward 3

肿瘤科特色 Oncology Feature

肿瘤三科 Tumor Ward 3

Director of Tumor Division 3 Shaohongmin discusses the combination of Chinese and Western medicine to treat gastric cancer肿瘤三科邵宏敏主任谈中西医结合治疗胃癌


Director of Tumor Division 3 Shaohongmin discusses the combination of Chinese and Western medicine to treat gastric cancer肿瘤三科邵宏敏主任谈中西医结合治疗胃癌


The third department of tumor diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer - Integrative Medicine

        Third Department of Oncology in the comprehensive treatment of cancer, pay attention to play the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, good at adjusting the relationship between anti-cancer treatment and the general condition of the body, for cancer preoperative adjuvant chemotherapy, postoperative standard chemotherapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects Prevention, has a very rich experience. For cancer complications, such as cancerous fever, malignant pleural effusion, cancer pain, cancer bone metastasis of treatment, the use of traditional Chinese and Western medicine methods, can effectively control the tumor under the premise of minimizing the patient's pain, the efficacy of prominent The patient is very satisfied.In the third department of cancer treatment of patients, some advanced gastric cancer brain metastasis, liver metastasis, but survived eight years; gastric cancer after three B patients easily lived more than five years; patients with multiple bone metastases of lung cancer , Maintained for eight years, and can perform housework; patients with pelvic metastasis of renal cell carcinoma, long-term Chinese medicine conditioning, six years spent safely, the patient's life as usual; III C ovarian cancer patients have been cured ... ... many successful cases, numerous .

        Currently, the third department of cancer diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer as the main direction, has completed the entire standardized management of gastric cancer.

        1.      Early gastric cancer, pay close attention to three early, that early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment. Vigorously advocate the popularization of endoscopy, for endoscopic lesions under the gastroscope, early endoscopic treatment and Chinese herbal medicine conditioning, take preventive measures. For early gastric cancer, feasible endoscopic mucosal resection; for early gastric cancer, line of normative surgery, with the characteristics of gastric cancer prescription can be cured.

        2.      In advanced gastric cancer, pay attention to etiology, diagnosis, treatment, advocate surgery as soon as possible. Feasible norms of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy, palliative chemotherapy, with the department developed Shengxian Fang, spleen diet, vomiting side, anti-diarrhea side, in addition to swelling and swelling side, patients can alleviate the symptoms of fatigue, physical strength Enhance, so that the chemotherapy process easily.

        3.      Focus on the overall concept of syndrome differentiation. Department of people-oriented, clinical syndrome group, Fuzheng spleen and kidney, Qi and Yin and other drugs, Quxie commonly used in detoxification, blood circulation, Endometriosis products, and summary of gastric cancer prescription prescription, by the party, to stimulate And mobilize all the body can fight disease, to prevent recurrence, anti-metastasis, long-term maintenance treatment purposes.

        4.      Focus on the application of specialist modern technology, carried out minimally invasive treatment of cancer technology, including a variety of organizations deep organ biopsy, particle implantation, microwave ablation, thermal cycling perfusion, and pericardial, thoracic, abdominal puncture, catheter drainage and other advanced technologies , There is a higher level of diagnosis and treatment.

        5.      External treatment

        (1)   research and development of Sinocerosan Sanjie, Xiangdan analgesic tincture series of external transdermal patch, powder, topical Sanjie diarrhea pain.(2) acupuncture treatment, can increase appetite, promote gastrointestinal motility, improve the state. (3) microwave, millimeter wave and other external treatment, can achieve qi, spasm effect.

        6.      Rehabilitation exercise

        Postoperative long-term complications of gastric cancer are more common, with gastric motility disorders, blind trip syndrome, poor absorption after gastrectomy. After teaching patients to do exercise therapy (postoperative umbilical massage, guiding the patient practicing qigong, etc.), with a series of psychological therapy, a series of diet therapy, is very conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with gastric cancer.


        At present, more and more cancer patients are cured in the third department of the tumor, patients with tumor survival are also more, and the treatment level is leading in the country.

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        3.注重整体观念,辨证施治。科室 以人为本,临证组方,扶正常用健脾益肾、益气养阴等药物,祛邪常用清热解毒、活血化瘀、软坚散结之品,并总结胃癌系列验方,经方,用以激发和调动体内一切可以抗病的力量,达到防复发,抗转移,长期维护治疗的目的。
       (2) 针灸系列治疗,可增进食欲,促进胃肠蠕动,改善状态。







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