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技术特色 Technical characteristics

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技术特色 Technical characteristics

Special advantages of treatment features
[Oncology Department] Dual management of all types of cancer treatment
Both Chinese and Western medicine give complementary advantages for the dual management of a variety of oncology diseases, the treatment of multi-method, multi-target, more systematic, comprehensive, accurate and reasonable, thereby enhancing the quality of life of patients and prolong survival.
Tumor green chemotherapy
Apply the syndrome differentiation treatment on combo prescription, combined with acupoints poultice, meridian therapy, internal and external integrated treatment , to decrease the side effects of chemotherapy.
Four methods tumor therapy
The four methods treatment featured by physique identification, differentiation of symptoms and signs, application of medicine by syndrome differentiation and microsurgery techniques of western medicine can rapidly reduce tumor pathologic, regulate the function of organs, enhance the anti-tumor immunity of the body, improve the quality of life, and improve survival rate.
[Entero Gastronomic disease]: May apply endoscopic microsurgery combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine to prevent and treat the recurrent colorectal polyps.
Endoscopic use of high frequency electrocoagulation resection, argon knife coagulation of argon plasma coagulation of the polyp, combined with the treatment under individual syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation and "more ulcer San" acupoint application, etc., through the combination of Chinese and Western medicine can be effective Reduce multiple recurrence of colorectal polyps and prevent cancer.
【预防保健查体中心】: 中医特色综合疗法治疗代谢综合征肥胖
[Preventive health examination center]: Particular Traditional  Chinese Medicine treatment for obesity metabolic syndrome 
Traditional Chinese medicine integrated therapy: the acupuncture embedding thread therapy and organic herbal tea  combination for the obesity, weight control and body conditioning, with significant efficacy, green and safe features, to achieve the weight loss in an easier way.
[Obstetrics and Gynecology]: Integrative Medicine diagnosis and treatment for recurrent miscarriage
Accurate individualized diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with Western specialty of  endocrinology, immunotherapy, two methods integrated to resolve the problem of recurrent miscarriage. Our treatment is China’s national leader.
[Pediatrics]: Chinese and Western integrated medicine treatment for pediatric asthma
Through Traditional Chinese medicine oral administration, external treatment, regulating atomization inhalation and herbal syrup, can effectively alleviate the acute crisis of pediatric asthma, reduce the frequency of attacks and seizures, improve allergies, and reduce dependency on hormone treatments.
[Neck, shoulder, lumbar and leg pain center]: Sacral impact treatment treatment 
Through the dialectical drug to the caudal perfusion, the drug goes in directly on the lumbar spinal lesions,  it can lead to the quick improvement of the lumbar and lower limb symptoms.
Traditional skills to release the adhesions
Using the unique traditional skills, it can quickly adjust the spinal joint, loosen the surrounding soft tissue adhesions, so as to effectively treat and improve cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation and other diseases, or to improve their symptoms.
[Department of Pneumology] Traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive treatment for pulmonary interstitial fibrosis
Applying the Traditional Chinese Medicine comprehensive treatment for pulmonary interstitial fibrosis, can significantly improve the symptoms, reduce fibrosis, and delay the progression of the disease, prolong survival and effectively improve the quality of a patient's life.
"Three in one soup" Traditional Chinese Medicine green therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
The treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with “Three in One” therapy and this green therapy can obviously relieve the symptoms of cough, sputum and asthma, recover pulmonary function, reduce the frequency of exacerbations, reduce the dependence on hormones and antibiotics, and effectively improve the quality of life.
[Department of Endocrinology]: Integrative Medicine for the  diabetic peripheral neuropathy treatment
Using the "Spleen tonic and  transfer" method, along with the acupuncture point poultice and herbal spa, to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy, can repair islet, shorten the course of disease, reduce pain, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot disease.
[Department of Cardiology]: Young middle-aged hypertension treatment with Integrative Medicine
Using Traditional Chinese Medicine as the main treatment, applying Western medicine as complementary, young middle-aged hypertensive patients, can significantly reduce the damage to the heart and brain, slow down the process of atherosclerosis, reduce blood pressure fluctuations and avoid drug side effects. Diversified methods, efficacy and stability.
[Department of Rheumatology]: Integrative Medicine accurate diagnosis and treatment for rheumatoid osteoarthritis
TCM syndrome differentiation combined with Western medicine individualized treatment programs, accurate diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis, etc., can effectively improve joint function and reduce the side effects of Western medicine, to a significant degree, as the leading Chinese national hospital.
[Department Urology]: Plasma cutting minimally invasive treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder cancer
The use of plasma tangential technology for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder cancer, no incision, minimally invasive, less bleeding, rapid recovery, good efficacy, synchronization of international advanced technology.
【Rehabilitation Department】
Rehabilitation treatment for stroke 
Applying a series of modern rehabilitation methods, combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment characteristics for stroke dysfunction, with a significant rehabilitation effect, can improve the quality of life of patients and restore self-care ability.
Integrative treatment for orthopedic postoperative dysfunction
Using Traditional Chinese Medicine’s unique treatment, combined with advanced rehabilitation facilities, treatment of various orthopedic surgery dysfunction, such as local swelling and pain, limited joint activity, the effect is remarkable.
[Department of Chinese herbal medicine]: Four seasons syrup Formulas
Through TCM syndrome differentiation, can prevent and treat respiratory, gynecology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, spleen and stomach diseases, tumors and other chronic diseases, and can be conditioned and sub-health status. Private customization, easy to use, good taste, lasting effect, as the leading treatment in China.
[Acupuncture and Massage Tuina Department]
Cupping with the needles treatment for shingles and neuralgia
Cupping with needles, fire needles and other characteristics of acupuncture treatment for acute herpes zoster and neuralgia has significant effect.
Acupuncture combined with the treatment of peripheral facial paralysis (Bell Palsy)
Using various acupuncture  characteristics combined with Traditional Chinese medicine on the peripheral facial paralysis dialectical syndrome differentiation treatment, individualized treatment, significant effect and high cured rate.
[Interventional Vascular Surgery Department]
Minimally invasive treatment for spinal lesions
Spinal minimally invasive interventional vascular surgery using lumbar intervertebral disc and percutaneous nuclear discectomy minimally invasive treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniation, lumbar compression fractures, trauma, rapid recovery, the exact effect, as the leader level in China.
Tumor radiofrequency ablation technology
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation is performed under the guidance of CT ultrasound. Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation is performed without any incision, little pain, quick recovery after operation and good results. It is at the leading level in the province of Shandong.
【Orthopedics Department】
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for fractures
The Traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics practice for fractures, the implementation of closed reduction and minimally invasive needle technology, so that fracture healing faster, with low cost, no scars, trauma, rapid recovery and other advantages (advantages of TCM disease).
Arthroscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery for Knee Joint Diseases
Through the arthroscopic treatment of the knee meniscus, ligament injury and intra-articular fractures, osteoarthritis, etc., to carry out microscopic ligament reconstruction, joint cleanup, meniscus suture formation, fracture reduction and fixation, trauma, reliable, quick functional recovery.







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